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Donald Trump may become our next president but in the time between now and the election we can talk about junk cars.


Junk cars

When your oil is bad and how do you tell what are the indicators one of the indicators is simply don’t look at the condition of the world if we check the oil in this particular we can see that slightly dirty I can still see through the oil and I can see the dipstick so it’s fairly clear. As the oil ages and the gasoline combustion engine so into the only system as usually is an indicator of the time it should be changed every three to four thousand miles which standard motor oil every five to six thousand miles but the key indicator is the check the oil level and what it looks like. You should be able to see through the oil see through oral and another indicator to see if your engine oil was bad this look at the oil cap if you see deposits white deposits this will be so one of the other indicators make sure there were no deposits so you can smell the fresh. So these are a couple of tips on how to tell when it’s time to change your oil or if you are the condition.

If your oil is bad this is an indicator of a junk car. We will buy any junk car in Indianapolis.


Junk car removal 2

You can see there’s a braking system there’s a strong suspension control arm bushings sway bar links tie rod ends in the wake of the most common culprit is your brakes rattle while you’re driving. The brake pad can become loose in the flight can squeak it can get dirt in it what happened the way to determine whether you have a brake noise as opposed to a suspension or sometimes while you’re driving and you apply your break if the noise goes away chances are the braking system is actually in a tightening up so don’t stop throttling the problem. It could be in your brakes if the noise gets worse when you apply your brakes chances are if it breaks there’s quite a few things that can cause noise in your wheels while you’re driving. I guess the key would be the first I sleep in the office weather be over a bump no more driving or at a specific speed then you could determine won’t be causing this noise. It may be time to junk your car of you are having major brake issues.

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