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Good time to call Junk car removal


It couldn’t be a better time to call. Metal is suppose to be going down at the end of the month. So please keep that in mind when you are junkie your car this month.

1. First call us to receive a quote on cash for car.
2. After you receive our quote and would like to schedule for the free towing service to come, schedule that with us.
3. Remove your plates and any belongings out of your junk car.
4. We buy junk cars fast so be ready for us to arrive.
5. Once we arrive have a pen and paper ready. We will do the paperwork with you.
6. After the paperwork is done, put your hand out cause we pay in dollar bills, we don’t pay by check. Dollar bills only!.


7. Watch your junk car get smashed and crushed, cause after we leave your location that’s where it’s going to next.!

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