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Cash for cars in the Pecksburg area

First things first. If you live in Pecksburg Indiana and have a junk car then give us a call. We buy junk cars in Pecksburg and Hadley all day long.

The second you are ready to get rid of that clunker just let us know! We offer cold hard cash for that beat up old car. So don’t let your car rust in your yard. Instead give us a call we have cash for cars all over the Indianapolis area.

You just need to make sure you collect your things when you sell us your car! We found a Rolex in a car we bought the other day. We are not joking! We bought a junk car and found a Rolex inside so make sure when you sell it to clear out all of your old things. Cash for your car anytime day or night.

Lastly if you need anything else from us then feel free to give us a call day or night our number is 317-983-1776 and we are here to buy your junk cars!. Cash for cars all over Hadley Indiana!

Junk car removal Indianapolis call anytime 317-983-1776.

cash for cars

Come to us and get paper for your car

How to sell your car in 2016

Well being one of the largest junk yards in Indianapolis we have a few tips for you.

Tips and tricks.

1. When selling your car, make sure you call a few places and get the best quote.
2. If they are rude when they pick up the phone to help you, just hand up they are wasting your time.
3. Be sure you have the title and the key to your vehicle, this will help the driver get there and leave much faster.

As you can see it is pretty common sense attitude and approach when selling your vehicle. We can help you in many ways. Junk car removal is very simple. We are here to make it easy for you.


We can pay you enough money to go on one of those vacations. We are will tow your old car from any location around Indianapolis. We also like ot buy junk trucks and SUV’s. You can get a copious amount of cash for any clunker just by contacting us. We know that you don’t like haggling on any price and neither do we. Our prices are simple to receive, and a very simple process. You car will be picked up at a convenient time by one of our licensed tow truck drivers.

The pickup is absolutely free. Once you have accepted our offer, and schedule it, we will submit your order to the tow truck driver who brings you cash.

Just exchange the title and keys once the driver arrives and you will receive the cash for the guaranteed quoted amount.

Get your used or junk car towed for free.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

Cash for cars

Located downtown Indianapolis we are servicing all areas of Indianapolis.


We love to pay cash for cars in Indianapolis

Yes we art just making things up. We will pay you big $ for your car. We are straight up people who enjoy buying cars from people in the Indianapolis area.

When we come to you with a tow truck we will pay you cold cash for any vehicle you may have.

After years of paying cash for the cars we are getting very good at it.

America is about freedom, and with us you are free to call us for that quick price. We make it very simple to do business with you will enjoy our service. We are open 24 hours a day so feel free to call anytime.


Bad transmission we will buy your junk car as well.

Cash for junk cars Indianapolis and Beachgrove


We will come to you 24 hours a day. We like to buy junk cars. Junk cars is all we know.

Why call us? A couple different reasons.

cash for cars beachgrove

1. We are fast, we arrive quickly load up quick and pay you fast.
2. We pay cash, that’s what your on this website for right?
3. We are nice, we are not rude people. Just good old Indiana raised people.
4. We pay you rather your car runs or not. We  it only buy junk but running and driving cars as well.
5. We pay cash money, I know we already said this but heyyy it’s important!

So give us a call anytime, we can help you with your junk car removal in Beachgrove.

Give us a chance call no to receive a fast quote.

We are serious when it comes to paying cash for cars. As always #cashforcars will arrive fast and easy.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

We but in all areas not just Beachgrove.

Size them up and call the best junk car removal Indianapolis. We are the crash experts.

Cash for cars


Well we just bought another one. This time it was an old plastic saturn. We will still give you top dollar for your saturn even though it’s plastic. We buy junk cars comes to you and tows that old junk car away.

When we arrive there are a few steps we take pride in doing to be sure our customer is happy.

1. We tow the car and try our hardest to not leave any ruts or mud in your grass, we know you care about your law .

2. We won’t let you forget your license plate, many times we have had customers leave their plate on on a vehicle and we know how much hastle this can be for our customers. Our tow truck driver should check for this for you and has tools to remove it if need be.

3. We pay you cash, not check. Cash on the spot means you don’t have to worry if our check is good or not, this is a hastle free way of doing business that’s why we are called cash for cars.

4. When we buy the car, we will also make you an offer on any other junk removal you may need done.