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How to sell your car in 2016

Well being one of the largest junk yards in Indianapolis we have a few tips for you.

Tips and tricks.

1. When selling your car, make sure you call a few places and get the best quote.
2. If they are rude when they pick up the phone to help you, just hand up they are wasting your time.
3. Be sure you have the title and the key to your vehicle, this will help the driver get there and leave much faster.

As you can see it is pretty common sense attitude and approach when selling your vehicle. We can help you in many ways. Junk car removal is very simple. We are here to make it easy for you.


We can pay you enough money to go on one of those vacations. We are will tow your old car from any location around Indianapolis. We also like ot buy junk trucks and SUV’s. You can get a copious amount of cash for any clunker just by contacting us. We know that you don’t like haggling on any price and neither do we. Our prices are simple to receive, and a very simple process. You car will be picked up at a convenient time by one of our licensed tow truck drivers.

The pickup is absolutely free. Once you have accepted our offer, and schedule it, we will submit your order to the tow truck driver who brings you cash.

Just exchange the title and keys once the driver arrives and you will receive the cash for the guaranteed quoted amount.

Get your used or junk car towed for free.

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