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Good time to call Junk car removal


It couldn’t be a better time to call. Metal is suppose to be going down at the end of the month. So please keep that in mind when you are junkie your car this month.

1. First call us to receive a quote on cash for car.
2. After you receive our quote and would like to schedule for the free towing service to come, schedule that with us.
3. Remove your plates and any belongings out of your junk car.
4. We buy junk cars fast so be ready for us to arrive.
5. Once we arrive have a pen and paper ready. We will do the paperwork with you.
6. After the paperwork is done, put your hand out cause we pay in dollar bills, we don’t pay by check. Dollar bills only!.


7. Watch your junk car get smashed and crushed, cause after we leave your location that’s where it’s going to next.!

Cash for cars


Well we just bought another one. This time it was an old plastic saturn. We will still give you top dollar for your saturn even though it’s plastic. We buy junk cars comes to you and tows that old junk car away.

When we arrive there are a few steps we take pride in doing to be sure our customer is happy.

1. We tow the car and try our hardest to not leave any ruts or mud in your grass, we know you care about your law .

2. We won’t let you forget your license plate, many times we have had customers leave their plate on on a vehicle and we know how much hastle this can be for our customers. Our tow truck driver should check for this for you and has tools to remove it if need be.

3. We pay you cash, not check. Cash on the spot means you don’t have to worry if our check is good or not, this is a hastle free way of doing business that’s why we are called cash for cars.

4. When we buy the car, we will also make you an offer on any other junk removal you may need done.

Transmission is going bad, should I junk my car?

How do you know when its time to junk your car? Well if the transmission is slipping, but its still driving… maybe you should drive it till it fails. In todays economy every dollar counts, if it costs to much to fix the transmission on your car but its still driving JUST DRIVE IT TILL IT WONT DRIVE ANYMORE. Don’t sell it to another person without telling them, dont go buy a new car right away. Thats right. Just save your money, and drive it till it wont drive anymore then call us. If you break down on the side of the road, we will come to you and tow your junk car for free. We will pay you cash for your junk car rather the transmission is good or not.

Cash for junk cars for chevrolet.

Different makes and models hanging on the wall.

How to sell receive cash for your junk car.

First you need to call a few people and get a quote. You can start by calling out competitors, then call us last because we will give you the best quote.

Second, get your car ready by removing the plates and taking all of your belongings out of the vehicle. Be careful and check under the seats and the trunk of your car for anything you may forget. We end up finding tons of crazy and forgotten about things in trunks of junk cars.

Third, turn your plates back into the BMV to receive a credit for plates on your next vehicle.

We are here to help you, please to hesitate to call. Junk car removal Indianapolis call anytime 317-983-1776.

Stack of quarters for your junk car.

Do you want this much $ for your junk car? No thanks, we pay in paper anyways!

Crazy burnout supporting Junkcarremovalindianapolis.com

This is how fast we get to you when you are ready to remove your junk car!

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Ready for your junk car removal? Call anytime

Ready for your junk car removal? Call anytime

Now doing junk car removal in and around Indianapolis. Rather it is running or not. We will purchase the vehicle. Cash for junk cars same day.


Ready for your junk car removal? Call anytime

Ready for your junk car removal? Call anytime