Car removal in Avon and surrounding Indianapolis.

Clearing the misconceptions about salvage yards, and car removal company’s. Most people think that salvage yards only buy junk cars or totaled cars, but in all reality there is a lot of times where the owner of a vehicle cant afford repairs or just has moved on to a newer nicer car and needs somewhere to sale there vehicle to. That is where salvage yards fall in to place. Most salvage yards have a wide variety of vehicles that provide a lot of useful parts to help other people keep there car on the road or to put there vehicle back in service. Most salvage yards are the go to place for automotive repair shops and your average consumer looking to fix there car looking for a wide variety of car parts that are sometimes hard to find or that are not made any longer.

Two beautiful junk cars sitting at a large junkyard in Clayton, Indiana.

Two beautiful junk cars sitting at a large junkyard in Clayton, Indiana.

So back on the subject at hand, why or when should you sale your car to a salvage yard or what makes a car worth getting rid of to a company that all they do is buy and sale of autos and auto parts? well for a start getting rid of that damaged, Inoperable, or even just extra car that is taking up space in your driveway, Puts cash money in your hand and we all love money and after it leaves your possession it will ether go and be fixed and sold at a reasonable price to someone in need of a vehicle or it will be parted out and potentially have hundreds of the parts put to use on other peoples cars to keep them going down the road for years to come.

We are able to assist you with fast computers to help you get great junk car quote.

We are able to assist you with fast computers to help you get great junk car quote.

In short you have more space in your driveway get rid of the headache or nightmare of a car that you would no longer have to worry about and you have more money in your hand and we know how extra money is always a good thing. and when you calla auto salvage company the process is very quick and easy and you only have to go through one person in most cases they will come to you the same day and remove the car you are getting rid and it is so much better than dealing with the thousands of messages and calls that you will receive trying to sale a car online or trough a classified add of sorts. On to more interesting things there is so much cool and interesting things that have been found in the process of getting cars for salvage yards everything from money to electronics and fire arms basically if you can dream it at some point it as been left in a car so the moral of the story is if you are getting rid of a car make sure to clean it out and go trough it very good before hand.

Most the time when getting rid of a car to a salvage yard you are helping out more than just yourself and the salvage yard you are providing much needed auto parts and once the car has been parted out the rest of the metal will be recycled and used to manufacture something else so it is also helping in more ways than i can list in this post. If you are in Avone, Plainfield, or Brownsburg we are paying very good. Also, any surrounding Indianapolis areas contact 317-983-1776 for a trust worthy salvage company.

Cash for cars in the Pecksburg area

First things first. If you live in Pecksburg Indiana and have a junk car then give us a call. We buy junk cars in Pecksburg and Hadley all day long.

The second you are ready to get rid of that clunker just let us know! We offer cold hard cash for that beat up old car. So don’t let your car rust in your yard. Instead give us a call we have cash for cars all over the Indianapolis area.

You just need to make sure you collect your things when you sell us your car! We found a Rolex in a car we bought the other day. We are not joking! We bought a junk car and found a Rolex inside so make sure when you sell it to clear out all of your old things. Cash for your car anytime day or night.

Lastly if you need anything else from us then feel free to give us a call day or night our number is 317-983-1776 and we are here to buy your junk cars!. Cash for cars all over Hadley Indiana!

Junk car removal Indianapolis call anytime 317-983-1776.

cash for cars

Come to us and get paper for your car

Been a while, still paying cash for junk cars.

Alright here we are almost to the year 2018. It has been a long year but we are still doing junk car removal.

You must have the title to your vehicle, please if we are paying you cash for a vehicle we don’t want your car without a title! Title is a requirement in Indiana.

If your interested in having a junk car removed from your property give us a call anytime. We can get it out of that back yard for you. We will drag it out, pull it out, flip it over, flip it back over, hook it, and tow it away. It is not a problem at all, we have never had a car we couldn’t remove.

Here is a few examples of some of the cars we buy.

Chevrolet truck for auto parts.

This is a 1982 Chevrolet truck we removed the other day. We paid a very good price for it because its a great parts truck!

That is a great vehicles to call us on. We also picked up these two.

We towed this 1996 Chevrolet Astro van from a guys backyard on the East side of Indianapolis. We tow in all areas.

We towed this 1996 Chevrolet Astro van from a guys backyard on the East side of Indianapolis. We tow in all areas.

Chevrolet truck for auto parts.

This is a 1982 Chevrolet truck we removed the other day. We paid a very good price for it because its a great parts truck!

So there you have it. We can tow just about anything in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Just give us a ring and we can give you the quote. Please make sure the ash trays are cleaned out, we don’t want any bad stuff! Please make sure also you have the title to the vehicle, that helps tremendously.

How to sell your car in 2016

Well being one of the largest junk yards in Indianapolis we have a few tips for you.

Tips and tricks.

1. When selling your car, make sure you call a few places and get the best quote.
2. If they are rude when they pick up the phone to help you, just hand up they are wasting your time.
3. Be sure you have the title and the key to your vehicle, this will help the driver get there and leave much faster.

As you can see it is pretty common sense attitude and approach when selling your vehicle. We can help you in many ways. Junk car removal is very simple. We are here to make it easy for you.


We can pay you enough money to go on one of those vacations. We are will tow your old car from any location around Indianapolis. We also like ot buy junk trucks and SUV’s. You can get a copious amount of cash for any clunker just by contacting us. We know that you don’t like haggling on any price and neither do we. Our prices are simple to receive, and a very simple process. You car will be picked up at a convenient time by one of our licensed tow truck drivers.

The pickup is absolutely free. Once you have accepted our offer, and schedule it, we will submit your order to the tow truck driver who brings you cash.

Just exchange the title and keys once the driver arrives and you will receive the cash for the guaranteed quoted amount.

Get your used or junk car towed for free.

Junk car removal program


Donald Trump may become our next president but in the time between now and the election we can talk about junk cars.


Junk cars

When your oil is bad and how do you tell what are the indicators one of the indicators is simply don’t look at the condition of the world if we check the oil in this particular we can see that slightly dirty I can still see through the oil and I can see the dipstick so it’s fairly clear. As the oil ages and the gasoline combustion engine so into the only system as usually is an indicator of the time it should be changed every three to four thousand miles which standard motor oil every five to six thousand miles but the key indicator is the check the oil level and what it looks like. You should be able to see through the oil see through oral and another indicator to see if your engine oil was bad this look at the oil cap if you see deposits white deposits this will be so one of the other indicators make sure there were no deposits so you can smell the fresh. So these are a couple of tips on how to tell when it’s time to change your oil or if you are the condition.

If your oil is bad this is an indicator of a junk car. We will buy any junk car in Indianapolis.


Junk car removal 2

You can see there’s a braking system there’s a strong suspension control arm bushings sway bar links tie rod ends in the wake of the most common culprit is your brakes rattle while you’re driving. The brake pad can become loose in the flight can squeak it can get dirt in it what happened the way to determine whether you have a brake noise as opposed to a suspension or sometimes while you’re driving and you apply your break if the noise goes away chances are the braking system is actually in a tightening up so don’t stop throttling the problem. It could be in your brakes if the noise gets worse when you apply your brakes chances are if it breaks there’s quite a few things that can cause noise in your wheels while you’re driving. I guess the key would be the first I sleep in the office weather be over a bump no more driving or at a specific speed then you could determine won’t be causing this noise. It may be time to junk your car of you are having major brake issues.

For more informatin.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

Cash for cars

Located downtown Indianapolis we are servicing all areas of Indianapolis.


We love to pay cash for cars in Indianapolis

Yes we art just making things up. We will pay you big $ for your car. We are straight up people who enjoy buying cars from people in the Indianapolis area.

When we come to you with a tow truck we will pay you cold cash for any vehicle you may have.

After years of paying cash for the cars we are getting very good at it.

America is about freedom, and with us you are free to call us for that quick price. We make it very simple to do business with you will enjoy our service. We are open 24 hours a day so feel free to call anytime.


Bad transmission we will buy your junk car as well.

Cash for junk cars Indianapolis and Beachgrove


We will come to you 24 hours a day. We like to buy junk cars. Junk cars is all we know.

Why call us? A couple different reasons.

cash for cars beachgrove

1. We are fast, we arrive quickly load up quick and pay you fast.
2. We pay cash, that’s what your on this website for right?
3. We are nice, we are not rude people. Just good old Indiana raised people.
4. We pay you rather your car runs or not. We  it only buy junk but running and driving cars as well.
5. We pay cash money, I know we already said this but heyyy it’s important!

So give us a call anytime, we can help you with your junk car removal in Beachgrove.

Give us a chance call no to receive a fast quote.

We are serious when it comes to paying cash for cars. As always #cashforcars will arrive fast and easy.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

We but in all areas not just Beachgrove.

Size them up and call the best junk car removal Indianapolis. We are the crash experts.

Good time to call Junk car removal


It couldn’t be a better time to call. Metal is suppose to be going down at the end of the month. So please keep that in mind when you are junkie your car this month.

1. First call us to receive a quote on cash for car.
2. After you receive our quote and would like to schedule for the free towing service to come, schedule that with us.
3. Remove your plates and any belongings out of your junk car.
4. We buy junk cars fast so be ready for us to arrive.
5. Once we arrive have a pen and paper ready. We will do the paperwork with you.
6. After the paperwork is done, put your hand out cause we pay in dollar bills, we don’t pay by check. Dollar bills only!.


7. Watch your junk car get smashed and crushed, cause after we leave your location that’s where it’s going to next.!

Cash for cars


Well we just bought another one. This time it was an old plastic saturn. We will still give you top dollar for your saturn even though it’s plastic. We buy junk cars comes to you and tows that old junk car away.

When we arrive there are a few steps we take pride in doing to be sure our customer is happy.

1. We tow the car and try our hardest to not leave any ruts or mud in your grass, we know you care about your law .

2. We won’t let you forget your license plate, many times we have had customers leave their plate on on a vehicle and we know how much hastle this can be for our customers. Our tow truck driver should check for this for you and has tools to remove it if need be.

3. We pay you cash, not check. Cash on the spot means you don’t have to worry if our check is good or not, this is a hastle free way of doing business that’s why we are called cash for cars.

4. When we buy the car, we will also make you an offer on any other junk removal you may need done.

Transmission is going bad, should I junk my car?

How do you know when its time to junk your car? Well if the transmission is slipping, but its still driving… maybe you should drive it till it fails. In todays economy every dollar counts, if it costs to much to fix the transmission on your car but its still driving JUST DRIVE IT TILL IT WONT DRIVE ANYMORE. Don’t sell it to another person without telling them, dont go buy a new car right away. Thats right. Just save your money, and drive it till it wont drive anymore then call us. If you break down on the side of the road, we will come to you and tow your junk car for free. We will pay you cash for your junk car rather the transmission is good or not.

Cash for junk cars for chevrolet.

Different makes and models hanging on the wall.